Don’t struggle in silence!

Every child is unique. So is every parent.

Day to day life is not always easy. Sometimes it leads to a spiral of frustration, fatigue, disappointment in yourself and in your child, self-blame and even shame. The trickier the situation gets, the more difficult it might be to find the right support close to you.  Everyone’s giving you unsolicited advice, without really understanding the situation.  Maybe even judging.  You might feel like you’re just not good enough and there’s no way out.

Sound familiar?

Working across different sectors, the founders of Kith + Kin Training have watched parents and families face these challenges every day.  We decided that we wanted to make a real difference. Kith + Kin Training was formed to provide support based on evidence, not hype, to parents so there is no need to struggle alone in difficult situations.

Parents need support based on evidence, not hype!

Today we are proud to offer different programmes, workshops and one-on-one sessions to give you and your child the support you need – whatever your situation. Early intervention is the most effective approach if you have any concerns or just want to be heard and understood.

Next Steps...

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