Ever since its inception, multi-agency working has garnered a lot of attention and has been the focus of numerous political agendas. A good example is the Government’s Every Child Matters white paper initiative which sets out a children’s trust model of practice that consists of a range highly skilled professionals working together in an integrated way with the goal of promoting positive outcomes of children and young people (DfES, 2005).

Kith + Kin Training not only considers multi-agency working on a much larger scale and wider capacity as its main focus; it also acts across all sectors using different types of mediums to achieve the desired goal.

The profound benefits of multi-agency collaborative partnership with several sectors cannot be overemphasised. Every Child Matters is the ‘gel’ that holds partnership working together. It is the necessary component that promotes collaboration and helps both parties work together.  The value it adds contributes immensely to improving the learning and well-being outcomes of children and young people. At Kith + Kin, we believe strongly in the policy of every child matters and our values are deeply rooted in the understanding that there is clear evidence in everyday practice.

Multi agency working aims to work with other professional agencies while partnering with the wider community located both nationally and internationally. This versatility gives us creative freedom and mobility to engage the problems directly without hindrance. Being a third sector organization, our activities are neither bound nor restricted by red tape or a need to be prescriptive about our services. We welcome new ideas, innovations and are open to positive improvements and this is our strong point to enable us move forward while being adaptive and dynamic.

Not only do we serve as a much needed bridge to close up the distance, we strongly believe that the public and voluntary sectors, together can learn from each other and make a real difference to the lives of the people we come into contact with.

Our quest for versatility has brought forth a deep desire to work with organisations that have an affinity to get more involved in social investment and to be part of a different and new way of working for the community and other professionals. We recognise that this could be an interesting and arduous task, for a start, we both talk a different language and focus on different fields. However, we know we have a lot to learn about the business world and hope that you can teach us more about this interesting sector. In return, we can show you how your company can have a long term positive impact on the community.

We at Kith + Kin Training understand that there are areas that need to be addressed and we are in close contact with the individuals that the other sectors wants to reach. Our capacity for innovation and solution development strategies puts us at the best positions to come up with great ideas while maintaining a close relationship with the people and target communities. We possess the right tools to monitor and evaluate the services we deliver.

By working alongside us, your business can become a part of a team that delivers a service that directly meets the needs of the whole community. This includes; helping to reduce poverty by looking at how you engage your workforce, exploring new ways of offering apprenticeships, work experience etc. Together, we can help to reduce youth crime whilst working with families where trauma, neglect and parenting skills need to be re-examined.