Statutory Parenting Programme

We worked with a single Mum who had two children, a 14 year old and a 3 year old. Mum had a full time job, but was on a low wage with very little family support. She struggled to manage both children and her full time job.  By the time Mum had got home from work and picked up her younger son from nursery, her older son had been out of school for 4 hours and was getting into trouble with local gangs, putting him in severe danger. Mum had been told that she needed to get some parenting support or risk having to go to court. She was angry about this and angry about having to meet with Kith + Kin Training.

I felt that the best course of action was for Mum to join one of our statutory parenting programmes, which is very structured.  The programme includes meeting with myself and a number of new families, which provides the opportunity to share experiences with each other. At the end of each session, Mum was able to have a family meal with both her children.

Mum was looking forward to coming to the group sessions as she had made new friends that she could talk openly to. She had struggled with this previously, particularly with family members, who were always giving well-meaning advice.

Mum became a leading member of the group, independently creating a group coffee morning for those that needed support within her local school. She also talks to new groups with me to explain the worries that she had with her children, as she wants to help others that share the same concerns.