Online Parenting Course

Kith + Kin Training were contacted by a Dad going through a divorce.  He and his ex-wife had one child together and, during the divorce proceedings, Mum had stated that she was concerned that Dad needed to learn parenting skills.  Dad was very angry because he felt it wasn’t true and had not been given a fair voice. The judge told Dad he had to get some kind of parenting support.  As he was working he felt that he didn’t have the time to make appointments in person and he was also reluctant to get heavily involved with one to one support.

The challenge for us was that Dad felt he didn’t need to learn parenting skills and didn’t understand what the courts were asking of him.  He felt that parenting programmes weren’t for him and couldn’t see how it would benefit or support him, particularly because he felt that his own parents had done a brilliant job of raising him.

After an initial investigative meeting, Dad felt that Kith + Kin Training’s parenting online support programme was best suited to him.

He had one home visit with a key worker for an hour and a half where he was able to speak about his issues and take part in a quick assessment.  This was then followed by an online course, a final assessment and a report.

The one to one interview assessment gave him the opportunity to speak to someone face to face and air his views.  It was important to have an impartial listener away from his divorce proceedings and ex-wife.  He then undertook the online course that he was able to do in his own time, without having to miss any work.

The online course, in combination with email and telephone support, allowed Dad to gain a lot from the programme. He was able to digest the information at his own pace and understand how to improve his parenting skills.  He was able to demonstrate this new knowledge, as well as points from his assessment, to the court, which he felt supported a much more favourable outcome with the court proceedings.