One-to-One Parenting Programme

A mum of three with issues, including mental health, was being threatened with eviction. The children all had varying issues and needs, from anxiety to challenging behaviour, and had been placed in foster care.  The local authority informed Mum that she had to get some support so that her children could be returned to her.

The goal was to provide Mum with parenting skills that would encourage better behaviour and bonding with her children.  This would give her the ability to manage both her own behaviour and her children’s behaviour well, and provide her with skills that she could build on.

Kith + Kin Training had an initial meeting with Mum where a one-to-one parenting programme was recommended to best suit her needs. She didn’t have the skills to work in a group and found others quite distracting, often imagining that the others were talking about her.

The course allowed us to explore different subjects each week with her, talking in depth about each topic. To give a greater understanding, Mum was given homework and tasks each week that she could implement with support. This also allowed her to come back each week to talk through what went well and what didn’t.

Mum was keen to do the programme with us and felt that the one-to-one parenting programme had helped her to gain the skills she needed to bond with her children. She felt she was able to leave the course with a better understanding of how she could support her children. She is keen to undertake the Cooking Together course with Kith + Kin Training as she feels that this is an opportunity for all three of her children to be together with her with a fun activity.