We set up Kith + Kin Training when we saw how little support was available for families with troubled circumstances. Parents are expected to bring up their children to be responsible, social and educated within society and there are times when help and advice is needed to do this. We work to help families create a better future and know that it is achievable.

Our team of parent practitioners from within the education sector brings over 21 years of both practical and professional experience to our training programmes. We provide support, advice, direction and training based on research and hard evidence to develop stronger and more interactive family relationships.

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Our Founder's Story

Talking and working with children are part of my DNA. I used to get in trouble as a child for always talking; now I put it to good use by developing and reinforcing family bonds and relationships.

After completing a health and social care management degree, I set to work helping (and talking to) families from a broad range of troubled circumstances including homelessness, domestic violence and families where youth offending is present, creating a path for their parents and their children to develop stronger and interactive relationships.

After the birth of my own son and the many cooking lessons, story and play times we shared, I realised that a combination of evidence-based knowledge and a fundamental understanding of family units were the key to create a purposeful and long lasting bond; and this service was not available elsewhere for other families.

That’s why I created Kith + Kin Training. We provide the tools and understanding, through conversation helping you to get the best out of your family relationships.

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